Corpo-Cópia: Library of Performing Rights is a collaboration between Videoteca Panorama (Brazil) and Live Art Develoment Agency / LADA (UK), produced and curated by Eduardo Bonito and Paula Gorini (Brazil) and Andrew Mitchelson (UK). The first edition of Corpo-Cópia took place in 2011, during the Political Compositions program. The Library of Performing Rights project in Rio includes a film showcase with works related to human rights themes and four roundtables with specialists and artists, based on the following guidelines: Corpo-diverso, Corpo-manifesto, Corpo-identidade and Corpo-ativismo.

We are also going to have a premiere of the film Corpo Santo, a video documentation of the artistic project developed at IPUB, UFRJ’s Institute of Psychiatry, with visual artists Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg. The users of IPUB will have an open rehearsal for the Corpo Desperto performance-installation on November 14th, at 10h, directed by Bernado Zabalaga and Bruna Savaget, at the yard of IPUB (Av. Venceslau Brás, 71 Fundos, Urca). Information: (21)8204-0013

Starting this year, we are receiving the Library of Performing Rights archive – a collection of books, videos and publications specialized in human rights associated with art – and expanding it with new material, sent to Videoteca Panorama by artists from Brazil and Latin America. Go to and find out how your work can be part of this archive.

The Library of Performing Rights was created by LADA in 2006, in collaboration with artist Lois Weaver and the Queen Mary University of London, in the United Kingdom, as part of the Performance Studies International 12: Performing Rights project. The Live Art Development Agency, London, provides resources, professional development actions and projects and publications to support and develop Live Art practices and critical discourse in the United Kingdom and abroad.


Corpo Santo: Première Brasil.

Corpo-Santo (Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg) – the Brazilian premiere of the film, a video-documentation of the same-named artistic research developed in collaboration with patients of IPUB (Psychiatry Institute of UFRJ). Brazil, 2011, 60 minutes.

November 13th, at 17h/ November 18th, at 19h.


Corpo-diverso: disabilities in check.

Fat, Pete Edwards. United Kingdom, 2009, 4 min; Undress Redress, Noëmi Lakmaier. United Kingdom, 2011, 6 min; Spitting Mad, Bobby Baker. United Kingdom, 1997, 10 min; No Retreat, No Surrender, Mat Fraser. United Kingdom, 2011, 6 min; Magno Pirol (Graco Alves)/ Brazil, 2004, 20 min.

Schedule: November 13th, at 19h/ November 18th, at 17h.

Roundtable: Disabilities in Check
Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg/ Carla Strachmman & Bernardo Zabagala/ Julio Vertzman/ Teresa Taquechel
November 13th, at 18h.


Corpo-manifesto: declaration of Human Rights.

Acts of Memory, Monica Ross. United Kingdom, 2009, 120 min. A video performance-installation with a roundtable continuously fueled by participants, visitors and spectators.

The Long Table, Lois Weaver. United Kingdom, 2006, undefined duration.

November 14th, from 17h to 19h.

The Long Table: Declaration of Human Rights
November 14th, at 18h.


Corpo-identidade: identity, performance and sexual diversity.

Why I Make Live Art, George Chakravarthi. United Kingdom, 2008, 1 min; Oh, Jerusalem!, Oreet Ashery. United Kingdom, 2005, 5 min; Nº 14, La Ribot. Spain, 1997, 7 min; In-Organic, Marcela Levi. Brazil, 2007, 30 min; Carne, Micheline Torres. Brazil, 2008, 5 min.

November 15th, 17h and 19h. / November 17th, at 19h.

Roundtable: sexual diversity, identity and performance 

Sara Panamby/ André Bern

November 15th, at 18h.


Corpo-ativismo: Artivism today.

Dismantling Indra, Asamblea Contra la Guerra Permanente. Spain, 2005, 15 min; Load of Rubish, Vacuum Cleaner. United Kingdom, 2008, 8 min; Soya Sauce and Ketchup Fight, Mad For Real. United Kingdom, 2000, 5 min; Yomango Tango, Yomango. Argentina, 6 min; Não Alimente os animais, Ricardo Marinelli. Brazil, 2011, 5 min; Knitting Iron/excerpts, Poshya Kakl. United Kingdom, 2012, 10 min.

November 16th, 17h and 19h. / November 17th, at 17h.

Roundtable: Artivism today

Andrew Mitchelson/ Isabel Ferreira/ Geo Britto
November 16th, at 18h.


Information: the Library of Performing Rights archive will be available from November 13 to 18, at the Meeting Room of CCBB, during the business hours of the cultural center. The film sessions start everyday at 17h and 19h, in Cinema 2, and the roundtables take place in same venue, at 18h, between sessions.