Tadasu Takamine investigates differences between Brazilian and Japanese culture in Japan syndrome step 2 – Inside the ball, a work based on a video installation created in 2011, during a residency in Brazil. Tadasu developed the scenic phase of this research in another residency, this time in Kyoto, Japan, along with Brazilian artists Giorgia Conceição and Layane de Holanda.

Tadasu Takamine works between performance and video installation. He became known for dealing with controversial issues, such as American colonialism, sexuality, foreigners living in Japan and immigrant workers. His work addresses through the body ideas about nationality, gender and language.

Concept and direction: Tadasu Takamine Cast: Giorgia Conceição, Layane Holanda and Yuka Kobayashi Stage Direction: Masaya Natsume Lighting: Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Rie Uomori Sound: Manabu Saito Technician: KIMURA (pandeiro) Production manager: Yoko Kawasaki (Kyoto Art Center) Produced and presented by KYOTO EXPERIMENT Co-production: Festival Panorama Sponsorship: The Saison Foundation

Support for the tour: Japan Foundation