Maneries deal with the body as linguistic material. Using iconic, motivated and arbitrary symbols, the performer creates a series of challenges to test his limits, his actual ability. A journey marked by the experience of time and by experiences that bestow upon the body the role of producer and receiver of potential meanings.

Since 1999, Luis Garay and Cia de Buenos have developed a thorough formal work about the body, in which they question forms of scenic representation. Among other pieces, Garay developed Hay en mi formas extrañas, Maya, Ouroboro and The Divine Comedy.

Concept and direction: Luis Garay Co-production: Internationalle Musikfesttage Martinu B (Switzerland) Performer: Florencia Vecino Original and live music: Mauro AP Lighting design: Eduardo Maggiolo Subsidy for creation: Prodanza Support: Porto a Solo, Portugal

Partners in the tour: Festival Contemporâneo de São Paulo