The itinerant and interdisciplinary nature of the STILL_MÓVIL project, an initiative of Red Sudamericana de Danza and London-based Italian artist Manuel Vason, essentially brings together two languages that constantly interact: photography and dance. With the goal of transforming a dance piece – a live work of art – into stillness and image, Manuel Vason travelled, between 2010 e 2011, through ten different South American countries, documenting the work of fifty creators, choreographers and dancers in collaborative residencies. The result is an unsettling creative material that consists of a itinerant exhibition, a book that will gather photo essays and a website with the documentation of the collaborative process.

Manuel Vason’s artistic practice explores the relationship between photography and performance, presence and representation. He considers the capturing of a moment as an act of creation, as an exchange between who is in front and behind the camera, as a ritual towards the illusion of immortality. The collaborative nature of his practice shapes a unique hybrid art form and forms new vocabularies. His collaborations to date have become some of the most iconic images of performance and his work has been published and presented internationally.

RSD is an initiative for integration and collaboration among different world-renowned actors of dance and culture belonging to South American countries. By favoring trainings, mobility and associative work spaces, Red links innovative forms of social organization to artistic development, besides supporting dance practices that research, in a broader context, new meanings in culture.

Project Concept: Manuel Vason and Red Sudamericana de Danza with the collaboration of Festival Panorama Artistic Concept: Manuel Vason Management and production coordination: Natacha Melo and María Agiomyrgiannaki Collaboration in the production: Mariana Soares and members of RSD Selection of participants for the presentation: Manuel Vason, Natacha Melo and Sonia Sobral

Co-creators: Alejandra Jara (Paraguay), Ana Cecilia Chung Oré (Peru), Ana Cecilia Moreno (Bolivia), Ana Chin-A-Loy (Venezuela), Angela Bello (Colombia), Carla Coronado (Peru), Carolina Besuievsky (Uruguay), Carolina Herman (Argentina), Claudia Vicuña (Chile), Cristian Duarte (Brazil), Diana Szeinblum (Argentina), Edith Correa (Paraguay), Esteban Donoso (Ecuador), Félix Oropeza (Venezuela), Flor Varela (Uruguay), Giselle Rodrigues (Brazil), Inés Coronado (Peru), Isabel Story (Venezuela), Iván Sánchez (Chile), Javiera Peón-Veiga (Chile), José Alvarez (Paraguay), Josie Cáceres (Ecuador), Juliana Moraes (Brazil), Klever Viera (Ecuador), Lorna Ortiz (Peru), Lucía Russo (Argentina), Luciana Acuña (Argentina), Marcelo Evelin (Brazil), María José Rivera (Bolivia), Mariana Marchesano (Uruguay), Miguel Jaime (Uruguay), Mirella Carbone (Peru), Morella Petrozzi (Peru), Natalia Aldana (Paraguay), NataliaOrozco (Colombia), Nuri Gutés (Chile), Patricia Mallarini (Uruguay), Pepe Santana (Peru), Ricardo Marinelli (Brazil), Rocío Rivera Marchevsky (Chile), Rommel Nieves (Venezuela), Santiago Turenne (Uruguay), Sergio Valenzuela (Chile), Sofía Mejia (Colombia), Sylvia Fernández (Bolivia), Tamia Guayasamin (Ecuador), Tino Fernández (Colombia), Valeria Andrade (Ecuador), Vanilton Lakka (Brazil), Vera Sala (Brazil).

Other artists featured in the STILL_MÓVIL exhibition: Alexandra Cuesta (United States/ Ecuador), Alice Ripoll (Brazil), Andre Masseno (Brazil), Cristina Maura (Brazil), Federica Folco (Uruguay), Fernando Klipel (Brazil), Florencia Vecino (Argentina), Helena Vieira (Brazil), Ketty Noël (Mali), Laura Sami (Brazil), Luis Garay (Argentina), Luiz de Abreu (Brazil), Marcela Levi (Brazil), Nelisiwe Xaba (South Africa), Paula Giuria (Uruguay)

Support and Acknowledgement This project was made possible by a network of countless artists, researchers, producers, Ibero-American cultural centers and institutions, combined with the support of the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, in the Netherlands, the Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the Montevideo Photography Center, in Uruguay.

Video: De vista desde el exterior (View from outside)  A short documentary made by Alexandra Cuesta during Manuel Vason’s STILL_MÓVIL workshop in Quito, Ecuador. Commissioned by La Red Sudamericana de Danza.