This Is Concrete slowly shows two male bodies interacting, while testing their limits. Amidst shadows and stunning sound beats, they have a sedative sexual experience. Speaking becomes eating, having sex becomes dancing and symbiosis becomes parasitism. The piece is a Festival Panorama co-production, with the support of Dutch platform Central de Cultura.

Jefta van Dinther lives and works between Amsterdam, Stockholm and Berlin. His works include IT’S IN THE AIR, a partnership with Mette Ingvartsen, and The Way Things Go (2009); Kneeding (2010); GRIND (2011), in collaboration with designers Minna Tiikkainen (light) and David Kiers (sound); The Blanket Dance (2011), in collaboration with Frederic Gies and DD Dorvillier.
Thiago Granato lives between Brazil, France and Germany. He worked as a performer and a choreographer with Lia Rodrigues, Adriana Grechi, João Saldanha, Cristina Moura, Mathilde Monnier, Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud. He developed works such as Plano B, a collaboration with Cristian Duarte, and We Are Not Superficial, We Love Penetration, both in 2008, and Tombo (2009), with Cristian Duarte and Thelma Bonavita. He is developing the choreographic project Basement with Sandro Amaral.

Choreography and dance: Jefta van Dinther and Thiago Granato Lighting design: Jan Fedinger Sound design: David Kiers Production director: Emelie Bergbohm Production: Jefta van Dinther – Sure Basic and Thiago Granato Executive production: Interim kultur Sweden and Sure Basic – The Netherlands Co-production: PACT Zollverein, Grand Theatre Groningen, Panorama Festival and Fabrik Potsdam / Étape Danse. Sponsorship: Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, City of Stockholm and Fonds Podiumkunsten The Netherlands Support: CNDC

Partner in the tour: Festival Contemporâneo de São Paulo