Project Description

In this co-production between Panorama and Cidade das Artes, artists share the space with the audience in an environment that is characterized by the idea of entertaining and nurturing those who visit with food, music and dance in different spaces. Piquenique urbano is a site-specific piece that will occupy and explore the possibilities of the architecture of the monumental Cidade das Artes building. An itinerant duo formed by Ana Paula Marques and Thiago Sancho and choreographed by João Saldanha will spread dance through the performance space.

João Saldanha is one of the most awarded Brazilian choreographers. He created dozens of pieces conceived with Atelier de Coreografia, the dance company he directs since 1986 in Rio de Janeiro and which important dance artists from Rio have been part of. Because of his significance, the Panorama 20 Anos edition made a retrospective of Saldanha’s work, presenting Paisagem concreta, Núcleos, Qualquer coisa a gente muda and Monocromos. 

Choreography, storyline, lighting, costumes and directing: João Saldanha
Creative collaboration and performance: Ana Paula Marques and Thiago Sancho