RaSHa SHow

BiSHa is the subject of the performance. A body that is constituted in a more undiscerning field, before socially constructed boundaries – drag, northern, rapper, transsexual, suburban, transvestite, black, bboy, woman – presenting itself within the context of a battle.  RaSHar is the verb of the performance. RaSHar is to look for the non-artificiality of the dance, when often ‘forms’, before anything else, will give us an aesthetic consolation. It is the action of cracking, perforating, tearing.  It is a fight! RaSHa SHow is pretending to be gay. Pretending to be bboy. Pretending to be whatever you want. Reafirming pleasure.

Galpão do Dirceu is a platform for artists and independent producers who have the language of body art as a field of interest and the Dirceu Arcoverde’s neighbourhood, in the outskirts of Teresina in Piauí, as a geographical reference.

Creation and performance: Cleyde Silva, Bruno Levorin, Dackson Mikael, Eduardo Moreira, Elielson Pacheco, Izabelle Frota, João Eduardo, João Luiz, João Paulo Andrade, Layane Holanda, Original Bomber Crew, Regina Veloso, Rosa Prado, Wilena Weronez, Yang Dallas and guest artists.

RaSHa SHow was created as part of Curto Circuito, the training program for contemporary creators ran by Galpão do Dirceu in 2013.

Galpão do Dirceu | Brasil, PI
08 nov
Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage
Age rating: 16 years

RaSHa Rua
05 and 06 nov
Oi Futuro / Largo do Machado
This version is the result of enrolment-only workshops.

Free admission