Curatorship 2018

Curatorship 2018


A festival on the body, created by artists of the body.

A festival about the body, created when Rouanet Law did not even exist.

A festival about the body that never accepted that the body could not do something.

A festival that started without knowing it would be a festival.

A festival about the body that was born in a year of impeachment and has since seen another. Breathe.

A festival about the body and the arts of the body, about the artists of the body and who use the body to create. That’s all the artists, actually.

A festival that is accused of being too brainy, many times. But that still prefers to be brainy than to be brainless. It has sponsors and faithful partners who trust and understand our minds. But it is not always easy to understand Brazil and Rio, and our mind sometimes can be difficult to understand. Breathe.

A festival that believes in the encounter, the party and the word. But only the encounters, parties and words that can be whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want to be. A festival that almost always did not happen. But it always happens. Breathe. And happens again. Breathe.

A festival for those who are not afraid and do not want the same known things. Made by those who are not afraid nor do more of the same things. We are a body. Many bodies. And this year we start at the most difficult of times. But we’ve been here before, and we resist. Breathe.

A festival that this year invites all of you to talk about love, breathing, books, different bodies, in Rio and Brazil. A festival that chose to invite another festival, Junta, a younger festival that resists and breathes in Teresina, Piauí. There the climate is even hotter than in Rio. Breathe.

A festival that opens when one part of Brazil needs to reinvent itself and rediscover the other. And only choreography and dance make us touch the other. Feel the other. It is not by chance that at this moment in which we begin the 27th existence-resistance of Panorama, the phrase that connects us all in Brazil is a choreographic gesture:

Nobody lets go of anyone’s hand. Breathe.



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