After 25 years with a classic format, Panorama Festival reinvents itself and makes its 25 + 1 edition as a continuous project with different curatorial axes. Among many new features, in 2017 there will be an exhibition of national choreographic works during a week in Rio.

From November 7th to 12th, the showcase brings together ten presentations of national works of dance, performance and body arts, as well as a program with a series of theoretical meetings, public conversations and workshops during the day in many spaces in Rio de Janeiro, with popular prices.

Without a definitive theme, but with the proposal  “Resist / re-exist” for this selection, the curatorial council * of the exhibition selected pieces currently in circulation that creates a dialogue between themselves and are able to foment the discussion of several topics considered relevant for the dance in Brazil and around the world today. The subscriptions for the process were online and opened until August 30th.

Check out the list of selected works below:

Artist Piece State
Companhia Híbrida Olho Nu (2014) Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Felipe de Assis, Leonardo França e Rita Aquino Looping: Bahia Overdub (2015) Salvador/BA
key zetta e cia. SIM (2015) São Paulo/SP
Cia dos Pés Dança Anfíbia (2015) Maceió/AL
DUDUDE Sublime Travessia (2016) Belo Horizonte/MG
Cia REC / Alice Ripoll aCORdo (2017) Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança De Carne e Concreto – Uma Instalação Coreográfica (2015) Brasília/DF
Cristian Duarte em Companhia Ó (2016) São Paulo/SP
Laura Samy dança macabra (2015) Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Núcleo Vera Sala  Procedimento 2 para lugar nenhum (2016)  São Paulo/SP

* The curatorial council was formed by curator Sônia Sobral (São Paulo), choreographer Marcelo Evelin (Piauí), choreographer and director of the Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli and Campo Alegre, Tiago Guedes (Portugal) and the artistic director of Panorama Nayse López (Rio de Janeiro).


Photo: key zetta e cia. performing SIM © Inês Correa

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